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Yellow Jersey

Finally!  The yarn is all dry.  I won't say it's a *lot* of fibre spun, but it was a lot for me and I made my goal of spinning daily during the Tour de Fleece.  

One thing I noticed is that my spinning got a bunch more consistent when I did it every day and it was just easier.

Here's the first yarn: 8oz of Ashland Bay "wool" in Cranberry.  I decided to start with a nice fat slow yarn.  It's squooshy and I really like it.  I have about 200 yds of what looks like a chunky yarn; nice for hat or mittens.  It was a bit hard to let go and just spin a fat single, but once I got going it was also fun.



 The second fleece was more of a challenge.  It was one of my grafton batts and I wanted a fingering to sport weight yarn that maintained the stripes.  Funny thing was that it just flew onto the wheel and is almost perfect.  I split the batt in half and just spun right off the half until it was done.  Then I did the same with the second half and plied them together.  The striping effect is great and the fall colours are so beautiful.





I have another fall-hued batt and I think once it's spun I'll make one of those stripey Noro scarves with the yarn.  

I did manage to start a 3rd 40z braid of merino from Into the Whirled, but didn't get to far with it.  I'm hoping to start up the wheel next week and get it done.  I want to try my best to maintain the daily or almost-daily spinning rhythm, it's fun and I really am impressed with how much I improve with practice.




Gorgeous yarns and love the colors!

I love your big fat yarn. It looks pettable.

Congratulations on meeting your goal.

I love the sqoosh factor on both of the skeins. The stripes are pretty awesome too.

If I saw that second skein in a yarn shop, I would head straight for it! Beautiful colours!

Way to go!

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