I Love Summer
Two summer sweaters

Re-entry is a cruel bitch

I'm back at work after two weeks of summer fun.  Relaxing summer fun.  It was sublime.

Sadly, I didn't win the lottery, get an unexpected inheritance or rob a bank so I'm back at my desk and life is crazy.

Craig started a new job in July, after a long period of unemployment and this is the first week that everyone needs to get going and get out of the house without that nice hot breakfast and pleasant morning that having a parent at home facilitates.  It's been a bit rough.

The kids are coming in to work with me to attend daycamp and while I like their company and they like their camps, it's a LONG commute:

  • 10 minute walk to subway
  • 25 minutes on TTC
  • 35 minutes of walking around campus(kids are at two locations

And then I do it all again on the way home.

Yesterday's walk gave me a wicked blister.  Not so good (but did necessitate a new pair of awesome shoes). 


Then on the way home, it rained.  Biblical, build an Ark rain.  Don't wear your nice new shoes rain.  Walk in your blister-giving crap shoes, then walk barefoot across campus rain.  Holy crap we're soaked rain.  We got home wet and blistery but still in an okay mood.

Then I discover one kid has lost a water bottle, the other goggles and Emma's good proper bathing suit is too small (really too small) and a bikini won't work for Aquatic camp.

Off to the store.  Bathing suit and goggles bought (next pair of goggles will be paid for by the child).  Lunches made.  In bed.

Up this morning feeling okay.  Until Xander tells me his head is very itchy.  I have a look. 



Comb out hair as best I can in 10 minutes.  Make note to get lice stuff on the way home.  Put bandaid on blister and start the trek again.

Tonight will be filled with soccer games and lice combing.  Sigh.

There is beer in the fridge--thank FSM.  I think I'll book a pedicure for Saturday.


Lice suck.

My show ends on Saturday (and we had our epic rain last week). I'm planning on doing the pedicure thing on Sunday, because I will be completely wiped from 2 weeks of show and striking the set.

Oh how I remember the days of too small clothing, head lice, lost equipment. But, fortunately, all you focus on when remember those summers was the fun together. My boys are now 34 and 37. My first grandchild is a month old. I will get to do it all over again with her!

Lice is terrible! I heard a good remedy is a hair straightener. Just flatten and roast the little suckers. That should do it....

Sorry re-entry is no fun...

Oh crap. :( Nice shoes though. I think you may need another pair now. :eg:

Oh dear, those shoes are divine...! Sorry to hear about the other crapiness. What, nice shoes? Must make it all better...

That will teach you to have a wonderful vacation. I avoid this problem by having short, mediocre vacations. Make re-entry less painful. :)

Poor you. You need yarn... lots and lots of yarn.

I feel your pain!

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