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Two summer sweaters

This might be a record for me...I've finished two summer sweaters that I *really* like this summer.

The first is a bit of a cheat since I actually started it last summer.  I like having a partially finished sweater put away until the beginning of the season so I can whip it up and have something new when the weather changes.  This time it was Nantucket Red which I finished in June and just got around the photographing now.

Nantucket Red

While it's a lovely sweater, that I love the fit on, I found it hard to get photos of me in it that make me look good.  I'm not sure why that is since I always receive compliments on it and I know it fits me well.  This time around I got a bit dressed up and worked the outfit and I'm pleased enough with the photos (I'm generally a reluctant model).

Nantucket Red

I used Calmer for this sweater and it's such a nice yarn to knit with and wear.  The baby blue is a bit of a departure for me--and that's good too.  Must mix it up sometimes.

This picture is the truest image of the actual colour.

Nantucket Red

The second sweater is Bellevue.  I love it. 


Laura Chau's designs are so wearable and having the advantage of being able to try on her stuff makes it easy for me to decide if the pattern is right for me.  I also had Denny's fabulously fearless colour advice.  While I love orange, I wasn't sure if I could (should) wear it and she sagely noted it would look awesome with my hair.  And it does.


The yarn is Lorna's Laces Sock in Satsuma and it's made the perfect little summer sweater.


Now I'm getting back to the stuff I started before summer in preparation for (gasp) Fall.  I won't speak of the change of seasons again for a while.  I'm having a great summer and I'm not ready for it to end.


Both of these are just beautiful, and they look great on you!

that orange rocks!

Both sweaters are fabulous--I can totally see them as staples to a summer wardrobe.

Love the orange sweater!!!! Now I want one too.

these are great :) lovin the orange!

It does look awesome with your a fellow redhead I'm always wondering about which colors I can and cannot wear. Time for me to re-think orange, too!

Gosh I love that Nantucket Red. It has been in my cue for ever - I just need to get knitting!

those are both fab sweaters! Going to add them to my list. Love your hair, too!

They're both fabulous, but I'm inspired by Bellevue. I loved it, but didn't think I could wear it.

I'm off to add it to my queue.

They're *gorgeous*!

I have sweater envy! Thank you for sharing:)

Both of these look excellent. I actually got a sweater done and a shrug this summer, but I would wear both of them even more often if they were actual cardigans. Your sweaters are exactly the sweaters I look at when I'm trying to decide on my next knit. Must get on that!

They are both so pretty and fit you perfectly in style and color. Great job, Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Lovely, both of them - great patterns, fit and colours. I could never wear that orange but love it on you. Enjoy them.


Ooh, I love them both! Well done. :)

Both sweaters look great! I'm almost 2/3 of the way through with a Nantucket Red myself, making it out of Silky it so far!

LOVELY! I've been working on the first one for awhile. Your color is FABULOUS! Mine is beige. Yawn.

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