Cross-Training for the Cure...Hockey-Style
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Woot! She Shoots! She....Scores!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you've already heard...I actually scored a goal in ball hockey Monday night!  It was really amazing to put the ball in the net on my second game.  And we won, 2-1 (I scored the first of our goals).

I credit my goal to luck, coming to shooting practice before the game, and to running--I actually have the stamina to get to the net.  That part is nice--it's important to see hard work paying off and being able to take up another sport and have the legs to do it is quite motivating.

Another motivating thing...

Your super, fantastic, fabulous generosity.

I've raised $395 for the Run for the Cure--thanks to all of you.  Amazing.

There's still another week until the run.  My running partner may be walking instead, but I'll be doing the 5km run and I'm feeling energized about it.  

Remember, there are some nice yarny prizes for every $5 donation.  And that $50 gift certificate from Indigodragonfly  yarns.


Congrats on the goal!

One of my friends in CA is a goalie for a couple of roller hockey groups. It always sounds like they have a blast. Me? I'm still a rank beginner on the rollerblades, so it will have to wait.

Great to see how active you're being. It's an inspiration.

I donated $18. Count me in.

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