Rhinebeck Project
Woot! Ran! Raised Money! Gave Away Fabulous Prizes!!

Big Run Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first running with others, race type thing.  It's a 5km for the Run for the Cure and I'm pretty excited about it.  I did a little 2km practice run with Alexander today (he's got a cross country meet on Monday) and I'm feeling ready.  It's not a timed race or anything, but it's a big step for me to go from running alone in dark of the morning or evening, to running with a throng of people.

Thanks again to everyone who donated.  I raised $433 for breast cancer research--I'd love to make that $450 though (just because I like round numbers).  I'll do the prize tomorrow after the run so I can give away that yummy yarn and super duper Indigodragonfly gift certificate.

If you want to donate, there's still time.  Here's the link.  Just email and let me know you're a knitter.  Every $5 you donate gives you an entry in the draw.

Now to spend some time on my Rhinebeck shawl and relaxing.  


Good luck on the run!

Best of luck! Hope it's good weather.

Good luck!!!!!

Good luck! I know you'll be awesome.

hey... good for you! best of luck :)

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