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Rhinebeck post--better late than never

Thanks for all the fabulous comments on my shawl.  That is the best part of blogging--getting some love for the hard work that goes into knitting up projects.  I have awesome readers!

Now time to flash my purchases.  I was rather restrained this year (I usually am) because I have plenty of beautiful stash already (including past Rhinebeck purchases) and I also had the fun of shopping for others which means I get all the excitement but none of the guilt of buying.

As is my usual way of doing things, I went straight to the Briar Rose booth.  She's one of my favourite dyers.  This is what followed me home:

It's called Charity, it's 100% corriedale and the colour is a big departure for me--so stormy and grey.  It's worsted weight and if I don't knit it for me (which is what I usually do) it's also very manly so it's versatile stash.


And it's 1800 yards!  Love those enormous hanks.

There was no other yarn, but I did buy some fibre.

8oz of Into the Whirled BFL superwash in Connundrum (great colour name).


4oz of Merino Superwash from Fiber Optics in Black Coffee


4oz of Merino Silk from Fibre Optics in this nifty Ultra Violet gradation.  I gather this will make stripey yarn--I love spinning stripey.


I also bought a ton of Got Soap--best soap ever.  I always buy it at Rhinebeck.

There was one more purchase, though it was paid for in July.

Meet my Matchless (I think I might call her Martha--I've been watching Dr. Who and have Martha Jones on the brain).


I wasn't really planning to buy another wheel (though I was thinking I wanted something with a bit more va-voom because as much as I love my Little Gem, sometimes, I felt like I was faster than it was) but then this used Matchless came along on Craigslist and the price was oh, so right, and I had some extra money, and it was my birthday and wham, I bought myself this awesome wheel.

Except it was in Philadelphia.  My pal Anmiryam offered to pick it up and store it for me until Rhinebeck since shipping to Canada was a wee bit spendy.  I even offered to let her give it a go, but she resisted--she really doesn't have any interest in spinning, but I still love her anyway!

Turns out Anmiryam couldn't make it to Rhinebeck (sad) so she passed it to another area friend, Hope, who made sure I had it!  Thanks to both of you!

Matchless 2 

The wheel is in beautiful condition with that nice patina that comes on the maple over time (these are the seller's photos--so pretty compared to what I can do).  It was made in 1996 and spins perfectly.  And fast!  I have it set up in double drive (which I really like) on the medium whorl and it just wants to make yarn.  I've only had time to work with some practice fleece, but I'm already anxious to spin something pretty on it.



I thought I recognized Chris' handiwork there - those are my very favorite colors EVER. (I'm all about the stormy grays...) And congratulations on the new wheel - it looks like it's going to be wonderful to work with!

congrats on your new wheel! and have fun with your lovely Rhinebeck purchases...

Lovely wheel and what a great story of how it got to you! Have fun with it... And I like the name!

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