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Halloween Tweens

Halloween was a fun time this year.  Except the part where I was FREEZING.  It was much colder than I thought it would be (that's due to denial about winter coming) so the standing around while Xander sprinted from house to house was not all that fun. 

Seeing the kids in their costumes having fun, getting candy, being silly etc. is always entertaining.  This year we had one Annikan Skywalker ala Clone Wars:


And the more eerie version:

 eerie anikan

And, one Glam Rocker.  Notice the attitude?  I see trouble ahead...


Yes, those are silver doc martin's. What you can't see is the silver sparkles on the leggings...


Halloween Tweens are PROS at getting the candy. There are a lot of empty calories in the house. Now the trick for me is to avoid eating too many treats (gotta keep off the now 18 pounds I've lost this year!!!).

(Note: I don't like the term Tween, but do love a good rhyme for my title.)


I loved this post. It's fun to see your kids growing. Here Halloween is an imported thing, and we had a few bedraggled kids on Sunday night. None were dressed in costumes - well, one had a sheet with tomato sauce spilt on it and one had a bike helmet and a plastic sword. One of our US friends remembers HAlloween very fondly, of course, and gets very upset when we sneer at it. But, honestly, it's not anti-Us sentiment that makes us do it; it's just irritation at a half-assed attempt to do something 'foreign' that we are supposed to admire and reward. Bah, humbug!

Tell the youngest that her costume is super, super rad.

Starwars! The very powerful weapon Light Saber!
By the way I love your hair style girl! :) (rock)

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