Running Update: Shameless self-pity edition
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Ramblings on my poor neglected blog

As I approach the 7th anniversary of And She Knits Too on Typepad, I notice that I've really lost my blogging mojo.  I blame the crazy pace of life, Twitter, Facebook (which I'm back visiting for some reason), my ability to avoid listening to the news (i.e. I don't have as much to rant about as I did when I was in grad school) and Ravelry (wonderful, fantastic Ravelry).

But it's not like I don't have anything to say.  So today, you get some random Wednesday blatherings:

1. A clean install of Windows 7 seemed like a good idea.  Except it doesn't recognize the DVD drive.  Seems that it doesn't see the DVD drives of about 10 million other computers either.  I hate crazy making computer frustrations.  I just want to watch DVDs on my fancy new 23" LCD monitor.

2. I have two fantastic knitting books to review.  They're re-issues of classics with some extras thrown in.  I need to get organized and tell you about them.  Soon.  Reading them would also be helpful.

3. I haven't knit in two days (I did ply some yarn on my Matchless for about 20 minutes).  I wonder if this is why I"m so cranky.

4. I'm back to RUNNING!!  Turns out I had a hamstring strain caused by the constant stopping in ball hockey.  The physiotherapist gave me some stretches and did some work on me and I feel a ton better.  I've already done 3 runs and I feel fantastic.  Hooray!

5. There is a data error in my current work that I cannot isolate.  It was a fun puzzle the last two days.  It is now a freakin' crazy-making exercise in "why the hell don't people enter the data properly so I don't have to do a line by line comparison to find the problem??!!"

6. Note, I only use the data, I do not enter it.  So yes, I am rightfully blaming others. 

7. I'm mostly off my bike and back on the subway.  I realize that I don't hate the transit system, I hate the people on the transit system.  The ones who think I should wait for the next train so that they have enough room to read a broadsheet newspaper.  The ones who think that pushing those people who won't move into the train is rude, but it's not rude to crowd the doors themselves and make others wait.  Push your way in baby.  If you can put out your arms and not bump 5 people, there's enough fucking room.

8. What is with the comment spam?!  Oddly phrased comments from or are stupid.  Stop it already, none of my fantastic readers are going to buy your stuff.  Especially not from you Mr.

9. I'm getting yarn from Indigodragonfly that I fell in love with in September.  I will be making this.  The yarn is called "Edward discovers that woodchippers make excellent juicers".  The yarn is 50/50 merino silk.  The whole combination makes me very happy. 




Maintaining a steady blog pace eventually becomes a real tough slog,, I can barely bother some weeks and I have to split my work between 3 sites. The good thing is once you have a body of work the ad revenue maintains itself even when your not working for it. wheeeeeee!

You really should get back to reading the news, there is much so much to rant about.

Have you noticed any patterns in your spam? I mostly get ads for Viagra and watches, apparently remembering to take one's Viagra on time is a big issue.

I updated my resume in CareerBuilder and now get email for positions that are not even remotely related to my skill set. And every once in a while, I get tired of knitting, but about two hours later, I'm over it. BTW, the problem with the DVDs may be the new security features on the DVDs themselves, not your drive or operating system.

I just had to go look at Indigodragonfly to check out the other colorway names. Squeals when Boiled and Don't Wear this on Star Trek are faves. Spinach Armada.

My blog is sadly neglected also. Need to get on that. Can't wait to see more of the sweater!

I love the sock yarn that was the latest installment of the club. I have shown it to everybody and would have even if it weren't completely my color palette because the name alone is awesome! The cardigan you'll be doing looks perfect. I love the throw on sans buttons look. I rarely button my cardigans.

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