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Running Update: Shameless self-pity edition

Ball Hockey season is over.  I had a great time.  Team Purple--Hear for Life was full of fantastic, talented and wonderfully supportive women who made me feel welcome and part of the team.  I learned a lot, scored 2 goals (!) got one penality (!) and made some new friends.  We managed to come in second, losing the final in a tough game (they scored the only goal with only 1 minute, 38 remaining!) and I'm really glad I took the plunge and decided to try something new.  And, I can't wait until Spring so I can play in the league again.

The only bad thing?  I got injured.  Nothing too serious, a muscle strain right where the back of my thigh connects to my ass, but an injury that has stopped me from getting any more exercise.  Today, I visited the doctor, and I'm off to physiotherapy to get this strain to stop hurting, heal and let me run again.

[warning: self pity begins]

I really miss running.  I tried to go last week and had to stop and walk home.  That sucks.  I feel like I finally got it right--exercise, eating well, losing weight, feeling great--and now I'm sitting on a magic bag, drinking a rum and coke to relax my muscles (I like booze better than prescription stuff) getting all whiney when I really want to be out destressing with a run.  Wah.

[self pity ends]

I am riding my bike still and that feels not so bad.  I'm also considering dusting off the Jillian Michael's DVD to see if that's less straining, but it's not the same as getting outside and just going.  

At least the Halloween candy is almost gone.


You're resting up your body and letting it heal itself! That is hard work, my friend.
You'll get back out there, never fear! I will make sure of it.

I hate getting injured too- when I was training for the final of a series of 14 races for our county GP, I got injured. Once I realised there was no way I was going to be fit for running that race (a marathon, no less) I cried my eyes out in the shower after that final training run, in sheer frustration. One short of the coveted "all 14 races" trophy, I had to make do with the "8 qualifier" memento like everyone else.

But when I can go running (and that time will come for you again, too), I cherish every run. Even the bad ones, the ones where I feel a slug goes ten times my speed and I see grannies with their zimmerframes zip past me- because however bad it feels, it is far far better than having to sit on the sofa. It's hard to see that right now, I know. I'll run for you tomorrow, ok?

It's a truly terrible thing to sprain your ass. Seriously. Feel better soon!

I hurt my knee (probable ligament damage, but no rupture, still waiting on an MRI) in the last Ultimate game of the season, and the only upside I've found is that at least I'm getting an upper body workout with the crutches! Feel better soon!

Good luck on healing. I didn't run when I hurt myself (broken bone and cartilage in my knee ages ago), but I missed being active and able to do the different physical activities I cared about. It's not all about knitting or reading or watching TV. Sometimes the body just has to move!

Would you be able to tolerate water exercise while you're recovering? (Swimming, aquafit classes, "running" in the pool with a life-belt?) No impact, and it feels wonderful (but only if it doesn't exacerbate the pain you already have.) Hope you recover quickly!

Love this new feature! love this page.

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