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Knitting and Spinning 2010 Roundup

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Boxing day (It's a Canadian thing, go look).

The whole Christmas thing is over and we can just sit on the couch, watch our new DVDs, play with our new Wii games, knit whatever we like (though I didn't do any gift knitting this year), eat leftovers and RELAX.

This year we hosted Christmas at our house and all I've done on the 24th and 25th is cook, clean the dishes and cook some more.  All meals were a great success, it was mostly fun, but I'm done.  Done.  DONE.

I haven't even been outside since Thursday.  Too busy.

I'm off until after New Year's so I'm planning on doing a bit of loafing, some knitting, some running, some stuff with the kids (I'm open to ideas, because I don't have any plans) and no complicated cooking.  One prime rib dinner with all the fixings and one turkey dinner with all the fixings is quite enough.

I now return to my annual scheduled do-nothing time.  


OMG you described my last four days - down to the exact same menus!! (prime rib on the Eve and turkey on the Day?? lol With ham coming up for New Year's??) I'm so wiped I haven't even dressed today - but I am thinking of taking my daughters to see Black Swan tomorrow . . . . . Enjoy your week!I'm about to peruse Starmore's "Aran Knitting" while sipping something suitably Irish.

You sound just like I felt yesterday!! I was Done, with a capital D and a don't try to get me into the kitchen again, thankyouverymuch. We had enough leftovers that no-one even thought to protest, heh, and I got to knit. I hope you're enjoying your scheduled time off!!

I'm channeling you! Have a happy and restful New Year!

The same to you!

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