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Knitting and Spinning 2010 Roundup

In 2010, I knit a bunch of things, wove only one piece (must do more weaving in 2011), spun up some pretty yarns and even knit up some my handspun.  I sold a bunch of stash to pay for two fabulous trips away with knitting friends (must repeat the trips in 2011), bought a bunch of yarn (mostly from Indigodragonfly!) but came out with slightly less yarn than the beginning of the year (woot!).  I reviewed some books, gave away others and filled my hard drive with fabulous pdfs--I love pdf patterns.  I even released a design, *Asterisk* that really challenged me (now available to non-Smart-Ass Knitters club members as a kit!).  

I love fibre arts as much as ever and 2010 was a good year.

(It was a good year for a whole bunch of personal, non-knitting related things, but I think that's a post for tomorrow).

I did this photo mosaic last year and rather liked it.  Here's one for handspun and one for knitting.  

Handspun 2010

Knitting 2010

Of course, knitting is not a sport, but it was a pretty productive year for me. I knit an incredibly complicated, fair isle shawl and finished in time for Rhinebeck (by far, my favourite FO EVER), and I spun a sweater's worth of yarn that is actually almost knit into a sweater. There weren't any total disasters, so that's good too.

My goals for 2011 are to weave more and improve my weaving. Spin enough yarn for a sweater (a small, sweater) and keep working on reducing my stash by trying very hard not to buy yarn. I need to avoid those "keepsake skeins", you know, the ones bought because they're pretty and just one skein. I have a lot of those and well, I need to start cranking out socks and woven scarves to reduce their number. Oddly, they stress me more than sweater quantities.

The biggest challenge right now is to finish my first ever sweater using handspun. I am going to either just have enough to make a long sleeve sweater, or I will be just that smidge short. To avoid ripping back, I'm now knitting both sleeves from either end of the skein. This is made more challenging by the fact that it's a top down raglan.

Happy New Year to all you knitters!  May your stash be ample (but not too ample), your handknits be lovely and loved and may you have all the time you desire to work on your passions.


What a fantastic year in wool! Beautiful work! =)

Happy New Year Steph. Ive been following you for a long time - years and years - and you continue to interest and engage me. Must mean something! (Maybe I'm easily amused...) Blog on!

Happy New Year. So many lovely things you made this year. I do especially love that shawl.

Happy New Year!

My stash grew like hot cakes with two yarn clubs. I'm not doing them this year, so I can pay attention to what I have and enjoy it! As much as getting something that wasn't a bill or junk mail was a lot of fun, it was also stressful.

Keep updating your blog with valuable information. Thank you for the post.

Happy new year!!!

So many lovely things you made this year. Thank you!!!

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