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For the record

December 28, 2009, I resolve to get my ass off the couch and start being more active.

I looked like this:


January 2011, I'm a runner, I eat a lot better and I'm fitter and 20lbs lighter!!


Space girl

I was looking at the blog for some renovation photos and remembered how much I like having this journal of my life to see how far I've come (in kntting, renos, parenting etc) and how much it reminds me of what's important to me.  Since having a healthy body (which really does help house a healthy mind) is important; I want to have that here too. And hell, it's my blog, so I write what I like.

Now if only I could be back in Cozumel to retake that shot!




congratulations! great job, girlie! I hope to be doing some of the same this year.

Love the before and after shots. Very motivational! Good on you!

Well done! Congrats! Thanks for the motivation!


Many congratulations! You're looking very good - of course there are all kinds of other benefits, but doesn't it feel good to look like that?

Congratulations! You look fantastic!

Well done! Now I just need some of that momentum from you to carry over to me.

Very inspiring! I need to do the same but much more than 20 lbs! So hard to lose and so easy to gain. Sigh! You look great! Congrats!

Fantastic! Congratulations--you look fabulous.

Congratulations! And just think of how much money and time you save by knitting smaller sized sweaters for yourself!!!

Gosh, you look great - healthier AND sleeker!

You look excellent. It is amazing what a difference a year and a bit of a change can make.

Congrats! I need some of your motivation!

That is wonderful that your hard work has led you to be healthier and feel lots better. Of course, you look hawt too! Nicely done.

Now, to run EVEN FASTER! ;-)

You are an inspiration! I, too, have neglected my blog in favor of ravelry and Facebook. I have not ridden my bike for any good length of time since we got the puppy in March, and I desperately need to lose 20 lbs! It's never too late! You GO Girl!

Wow good for you... I should do the same thing

Congratulations on your dedication and changes! You look fabulous! =D Keep it up!

On that note, I too, need to get off my arse and get moving again.

You rock! :)

Congratulations! Have fun with this year!

Congratulations! You have inspired me to return to running. Now I remember why, aside from the physical benefits, it does wonders for your mind!

By the way, I saw you at the Run for the Cure, but was too shy to say hi, so "Hi"

you look amazing! you inspired me to get on the treadmill right after i read your post. keep up the excellent job!

You're looking very good - of course there are all kinds of other benefits, but doesn't it feel good to look like that?

This one Blog alone shows off your excellent writing skills. I am very impressed with your views and interesting point of view. I hope you intend to continue writing more informational things

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