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Extreme Makeover: Bohus Edition

Soft Squooshy Knitting Love

It's 60% cashmere, 20% silk and 20% wool (give or take, I may have fudged the math), it's squooshy garter stitch in a just engaging enough pattern and it's pretty.  I don't want to knit anything else right now.


Pattern: Clockwork

Yarn: Baruffa Bollicina in Grey (cashmere silk) and Bugga (wool cashmere) in Forrester Moth



Oooooo, very nice! I'm fascinated by Clockwork, and looking forward to seeing your version when it is finished.

Oooooh! What a nice treat!

Very pretty! Thanks for the inspiration. I somehow missed this pattern when it first came out.
Started mine this afternoon in two less contrasting colorways; Saffron Dyeworks Mini Mica in a dark blue with a blue-green-brown variegated Fleece Artist Trail sock. Very mesmerizing.

Very nice. I have the sweet skein of cashmere from the World Domination club, and I'm still trying to convince myself to knit it up rather than just pet it.

I don't blame you. It looks wonderfully soft.

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