Knitting and Spinning 2010 Roundup
For the record

Sunday Stuff

I was going to write a post about the fact that I hardly ever blog anymore and really, should I bother in a world with Ravelry and Twitter and Facebook and then I thought, fuck it, why I don't I just post some stuff about what's going on like I always do and just not worry about it.

So here it goes...

I should run today.  I haven't run since Monday, but I've had a mild cold, it's been busy and when I finally found the time and energy, it was snowing like crazy.  So today it is.  Once I drink some coffee and get more motivation.

What I would rather do is stay home in my pjs with warm beverages and knit.  I ended 2010 with only one WIP on the needles and now Space Girl is done (and I love it).  Made from my own handspun (which tickles me a bunch).


Now I have a brand new year and a beautiful stash and so many possibilities.  I let the yarn be the guide and started Redhook with Briar Rose fibers BFL that I bought 2 Rhinebecks ago. I've wanted to knit up this yarn for a while and it's super nice to work with.  I do hope I'll wear this vest (I don't have a great track record with vests), but I am enjoying the knitting.


I also started some complicated socks--a first for me.  The pattern is Staked by Glenna C. and the colour is And Then Buffy Staked Edward, The End.  It's an offering from the Indigodragonfly Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club and it's lovely (there are little cabled hearts with stakes through them).  I know little of both Buffy and Twilight, but I know pretty socks when I see them.  


I usually don't bother with difficult to knit socks because I like to use sock knitting as an easy thing, but this year I'm giving it a go.  While these can't be a knit on the subway project, they are a nice foil to lots of stockinette.  And they're small enough that I might get them finished!

Well back to psyching myself into a run AND working with Emma to finish her Social Studies project.  Stupid homework.  And it's not even MY homework!


Space Girl is gorgeous. More than gorgeous, because it's your handspun. Very cool.

Way to go on the running! I just started running myself, and would love to hear more about your training. Get out there!

You and the sweater are loooovely. I haven't run all week, thanks to little person being home and not so thrilled to be left behind, so...back to the schedule next week. Good to see you're still doing it!

I can only dream of knitting myself a sweater with handspun yarn some day. My spinning is...lacking. Very nice work. I love the socks too!

Congrats on the sweater Steph, it's gorgeous!

That's a great looking sweater. I checked out the pattern on Ravelry and will probably make it next. Thanks! :)

Space girl looks great! And that it's out of your handspun, even more special.

Yes, you should bother. :-)

The socks are looking wonderful and I can't think of a better pattern/colour combination! That's priceless - wish I had thought of it. :-D

You are so darn inspiring! Love your blog!
Your handspun looks pretty dang good, too!

Can't help but comment and admire the sweater you had knitted. I used to have one like that given by my mom almost 10 years ago and it is now in my rack. I don't wear it anymore, wore it only when my mom visits.:) She do a lot of running lately and I believe she is knitting me a new sweater. Keep on running mom.:)

You are so darn inspiring!

That's priceless

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