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Stage Door Cardigan is Done!

Actually I finished it a few weeks ago, have worn it lots and have been too busy to come over here and tell people about it.  Work and life are conspiring to make me too busy to do much at the end of the day (so don't tell anyone I'm taking a little break at work to post this...ssssshhhh).

This sweater is fantastic.


Great yarn.  50/50 Merino Silk dk from Indigodragonfly.  Fabulous colourway entitled Edward Discovers that Woodchippers Make Excellent Juicers.



Great pattern- Stage Door Cardigan.  One piece body.  Beefy neckline in a nifty lacey pattern. 3/4 sleeves (which I lengthened a bit).

Stage door close up  

A little bit of winter, a little bit of spring wear.  Nice.  Way to go Glenna C.



Loverly! Looks Gretchen on you


Very pretty! I love your new sweater. Even though the temperature was in the 80's today where I live, I still long for sweaters.

looks elegant and nicely knitted..the color is just right not tooo bright nor too dull..good combination..

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Nice jacket, I hope I know how to knit too.

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