I've been knitting stuff (finishing it too!)
Two solitudes of my knitting

Kicked it!

I ran the Sporting Life 10km on Sunday--my first race--and I'm super pleased with my result!

55 minutes, 24 seconds.  That's over 2 minutes less than my best training time.  Go me!

I placed in the top 30% for my age group and for women overall.  And I caught the racing bug.  It was awesome to run with 12,000 other people, seeing the sea of runners going down Yonge St.  and just trying my best.  I confess that I think I could have pushed a smidge harder because I wasn't dead when I finished, but I didn't want to walk over the line either--I guess this comes with experience.


Here I am with Glenna C (who also had a personal best awesome run!) after the race.  I'm loaded up with clothes because I'm freezing (I'm a sweaty runner)--I looked much sleeker when I was on the course :)

Next race? The 15km Midsummer Night's Run in August.  If I can find a 5km or 10km in between I might do that too, but I've wanted to do the night run for a while and am looking forward to it.


Congrats! I will always remember the feeling when I finished my first 5K race. Amazing! Enjoy it.

Congratulations! That's a great time!
Watch out.....you just might be a marathoner next....

Congratulations on the excellent race result!

That is a really, really awesome achievement. Congratulations! I want to be like you someday!

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