Tour de Fleece 2011 Progress Report

Spinning, Spinning, Keep on Spinning

I am loving my Tour de Fleece.

After the squooshy stuff, I moved on to one of my stashed Grafton/Dyak batts from their 2009 club offerings.

Gorgeous eh?



Fibre p*rn

Pretty Dyak Batt from 2009

I had good luck maintaining the striping on a previous batt in a complementary colourway and decided to spin this one up the same way to knit up one of those noro striped scarves.

Here's the first batt which I spun on last year's tour: 

September 2009 Grafton Batt


Here's a not so great photo of the two bobbins.  (must stop 11pm photoshoots)

Dyak Batt singles


I plan to ply them this weekend.  I wanted them to rest a bit and also, I really wanted to start spinning up this:




It's 80 Merino/20 Silk and the dying is nifty--it goes from crazy purple to black. I'm spinning it thin-ish and will chain ply it into one long skein. Hopefully enough for a hat or cowl. I pre-drafted this one because I found the braid sticky. It's all arranged on my spinning chair and I'm at the mid-purple part now. Very nice to spin with.

IMG_5006 IMG_5008


What beauteous fibre... I think I may be jealous.

Gorgeous! I really should have done Tour de Fleece this year, my wheel has been neglected for far too long.

Wow.. It's amazing. I like such post which is inspirational. I like spinning, even I have spinning machine which is really helpful to me.

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