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Tour de Fleece 2011 Progress Report

My foray into the Tour de Fleece was such a success last year, I decided to jump in and spin again. The main reason I decided to take up the challenge was that I am not spinning enough. My two wheels stare at me forlornly from the corner and my yarn credenza (yes I have a piece of furniture in my living room dedicated to my crafts) is bulging with fibre that I want to spin. Also, I find that daily spinning is not only relaxing, it is also the best way to improve my technique.

I started easy by finishing up some fibre I started spinning in January. Eight soft squooshy ounces of Shetland/BFL lamb, first shearing in a lovely natural brown colour. I bought the fibre at the Knitter's Frolic in 2010 and wished there was more. It is super nice and easy to spin with and I decide to try for a woolen, soft and lofty yarn. That's what I got:

Shetland BFL

555m of two-ply worsted weight (ish) yarn. So squooshy. It's not a hardy yarn so I think I'll make the Hawthorne shawl with it. Mostly because being wrapped in this yarn is exactly what I want.

Shetland BFL

The farm where I purchased this fibre--Hopeful Shetlands--has great natural stuff for very reasonable prices. Great for beginners since shetland is easy to spin.

Next time I'll share what is on the wheel now (woot! I have blog content!  Must remember to come back and post!)


It's so fluffy looking! Mmmmmm. . .

Wow. That's a lot of thread to do.

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