It's Rhinebeck Sweater Time
Knitalongs and Scheming

Dahlia is Done!

I finished my Dahlia sweater



The nifty thing was finishing it almost a week before I went to Rhinebeck (I'm still recovering, so details will be in another post).


The yarn used was Lavold Silky Wool Tweed. I used 6 skeins. It is heavier than the called-for yarn, but is very drapey and I'm very pleased with the fabric (and the stash reduction).

I'm 95% happy with it. The knitting execution is just fine. The look is great. The fit is not quite right though. I'm not sure if it's too small across the back or if it's just the way it's designed, but I find the sweater doesn't really stay on my shoulders very well.

The little details are very nice


And even if it doesn't fit perfectly, I sure do like it



You know, if you find the fit is really bothering I'd be happy to give it a good home :)

Seriously though, it's fabulous. The colour, the drape, everything. Great job.

oh, i think i was in line behind you at some point, because i remember seeing that sweater!! gorgeous!

That looks utterly fantastic! I'm planning to make the same cardigan -- I can't get it out of my head. Your comment about the slippage issue is duly noted, though. I wonder if it's because there's no shoulder seam to stabilize it? If that's the issue, an applied crochet chain at the shoulders (and maybe across the back) could resolve the problem?

Beautiful execution of this design - it looks fabulous on you. Your comment about the fit being just a wee bit off confirms my thoughts about the unconventional design of this particular pattern, however.

Congrats, it looks fab!

It is a very pretty sweater and finished early too! I am impressed.

It looks amazing. I love the pattern.

Oh, I think this looks great on you! You did beautiful work!!

Wow! That's beautiful. I love the subtle details.

Your sweater looks great! I saw your photos on Ravelry when I was trying to choose which color to make mine in. I like your green so much that I got an olive green Hempathy to work with. Thank you for the note about the shoulder fit...I'm not sure what I can do to avoid it in mine, but at least it's something to keep in mind.

Are you kidding? It looks like a perfect fit!!!!! Great job.

Gorgeous! It looks like the design doesn't have much in the way of shoulder/neck seams--the crochet seam suggestion above sounds like a good idea.


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