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Yeah I'm totally going to finish 2 sweaters this month. From scratch. Seriously. Stop laughing.

Not laughing - staring at you with awe and respect!

I was just going to suggest that you do both, then you'll have a full-on brand new outfit by month's end - and who'll be laughing then??

Sounds like some really fun projects. You have to let us know how you did at the end of the month. Good luck!

I've been eyeing up that skirt pattern, too!

I am very behind on my knit my husband a sweater a year plan so maybe I should use November to knit a sweater for him. Realistic? Have fun with your project, whatever it is!

That skirt is gorgeous. Go for it! :)

I wouldn't laugh at you at all. If I can finish Oranje in a single month, then you can do any of the projects you've contemplated in that time. I'd say easy peasy, but that is almost like cursing it.

I'm way behind on blogs but I just started Carnaby the other night too!

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