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Nice sweater! I too am knitting a sweater and worried about running out of yarn.

It is a very nice sweater.

Wow! And with time to spare! I would totally wear that to work.

Very polished and pretty. I call it a WIN.

I started a sweater Sunday and I'm hoping with my huge amount of downtime during the show that I might be able to finish the sweater before the show closes. It's not likely, but I'm already about 8 inches to the body.

It is lovely - the bracelet sleeves really suit the style of the sweater - don't tell anyone else and no one will ever know!

Congratulations! I really love the effect of the darker sleeve-ends!

Oh wait...not really awake yet...just realized that's your t-shirt. Well, if you decide you don't like the short sleeves, you can knit long sleeves on with black and it will look fabulous ;)

It looks sooooo sooooft.

Your sweater looks great! (and so do you!) :)

Perfect fit!! lovely.

It looks terrific on you!!!

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