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Sunday, November 13, 2011: Running in Shorts

Tonight, after a long day of not going for my usual Sunday long-ish run, I decided to head out for a 5-6km run, just to say I did some exercise today.

Check the weather:

Note this is 2 hours after I checked.  It's 12-freakin'-Celcius outside.  In November.  In Canada!

I put on SHORTS and head out.  I'm too hot in my lightest long sleeved shirt by 1km.  

It is beautiful out.  The wind is rustling all the leaves on the ground.  The air is warm and just a bit crisp.  It smells like autumn--not a hint of winter.

By 6km, I decide I'll do 7.  

I stop and take in the skyline over Riverdale Park.  I love my city.

By 7km, I tell myself it's less than 20 more minutes to do 10km.

I run 10km.  Feel great.  Happy Fall.  I wish it would stay like this until Spring.


It was lovely out today. Not too warm, but it felt colder inside during rehearsal than it did when I was walking home from the train station. I did my walk jog on the treadmill inside, but I would have seen doing it outside. Surprisingly lovely out.

Shenzhen Baoan 15 hours it is safe and the police intervene to rescue a small hostages. Yesterday, Mr. Chung sent a silk banner to thank the police station rushed to the pine.

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