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I tweeted this after my run on Monday, but want it on my blog for posterity...

I have logged 1001.5km in 2011!

My goal was 1000km for this year and I hit it with 18 days to spare.  WOOT!

I'm a data geek and so I've been using Runkeeper to log my distance and moved it all to excel to get some metrics on my running.  I'm pretty pleased with what I see.  I'm not going to win any races (even for my age group) but I've got a good solid running routine and I'm feeling fantastic!

I haven't set a running goal for 2012 yet, but I have some ideas swirling around.  I'll consider them on my next few runs and let you know what I decide.



Yay for you!! As a complete stranger to you ;) I always smile when I see someone achieving their personal thumbs up from TX!

My running talent (such as it is) is sprinting, and I have always sucked at long distances. So this kind of achievement really staggers and amazes me. Hooray for you!

That is awesome! I hope I do so well next year!

That is fantastic! Way to go!

Excellent. Running is about so much more than winning races. Congrats on meeting your 2011 goal, and I'll be very interested to see what your goals will be for 2012!

Fantastic! Always love to see new runners acheiving and setting new goals. Sounds like you are set for a great 2012 whatever your goals.

Congratulations! That's a lot of should be very proud of yourself. I'm still trying to figure out my running goals for 2012, so am looking forward to see what you decide. Wishing you a happy 2012 full of wonderful things, luscious yarn, and speedy feet!

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