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Happy New Year Steph, I quietly enjoyed your blog for years, but a question now is forcing me out of lurkdom-:))))). How many hours can you knit a day with your busy life? According to the 54-60 km yarn you accomplish a year, that's 200-220 meters daily. I am curious of your knitting habits daily, I want to Be able to sqeeze in more then my miserable 50-60 meters per day-:)))
I greatly admire what you do!

My knitting goal this year is 12 sweaters in 12 months. I'm allowing myself leeway (sweaters can be vests and my first 2 are really just finally finishing up some UFOs) but I'm really excited to focus on knitting for myself. I tend to put my own projects aside in favor of gifts for others but, as lovely as gift giving is, I deserve some woolen items too.

I love your 2012 goals, and especially admire the running kms you accomplished in 2011!

Wow. These are some awesome goals. I need to start cataloging my stash, because I'm pretty sure it is out of control. It is just so easy to buy yarn...

*Great* projects, and you all look fabulous in them! Best to you in 2012. xx

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