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My baby is 13...

Yesterday Emma turned 13.  I have a teenager in the house.  How did that happen?

Craig surprised her yesterday with a great gift.  He took her to his very funky hairdresser for some highlights.  She has cut Craig's hair for 15 years and has cut Emma's hair and watched her grow up.  Eve's hair is either purple or blue and as a woman in her 60s she clearly has danced to her own drummer her whole life.

So what did Emma choose?  Blue.  She bleached out the bottom 1.5" of the ends and now they're electric blue.  What more could a teenager ask for?

She also got the more traditional stuff--charms for her bracelet, a sound dock for her ipod, balloon bouquet from her Grandfather and of course the slumber party with her best pals.  I think I'm more tired than they were from getting up to tell them to get to sleep.

It was all fun and Emma cleaned the main floor of the house yesterday (including vacuuming) so I think 13 will be fun.  I'm still in shock that she doesn't look like this anymore:

Emma Baby

Emma is one


How proud you must be! The hair looks lovely - like a peacock! Good luck to you thru the teens!!! LOL!

Happy birthday! And yes, this is SO familiar, especially now that my now-13-year-old (getting towards 14) is in high school (!!) and is nearly five inches taller than I am. How did that happen, again?

Too cool! The hair is a super gift! And happy birthday to her a 100x over!

You know, that blue is attractive.

That's pretty amazing! A teenage, wow... I do love the blue hair :)

That is a great blue, and I love where she put it! Very cool! Also, she still bears a lot of resemblance to her newborn self.

That is a great shade of blue. I sometimes wish I still could have blue and purple hair. They are great shades if completely unnatural.

Blue highlights are so cool!

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