Happy New Year! (with some goal setting mixed in)
Ella Revisited KAL!

My last minutes finishing Hanami via Twitter

Well Hanami is done.  I never made friends with this pattern.  I found the basketweave lace pattern impossible--for some reason I couldn't see it while knitting, meaning I had to follow the charts very, very closely.  That made it go into the time out pile for a long time, only to emerge this year when I decided that it was time to just get it done and move on.

What it did have going for it was that I used Kid Silk Spray, KSH's varigated cousin.  It's a fabulous yarn and so pretty.  The drawback was that it doesn't rip out well so I decided rather than fight it, I would just enjoy using the yarn and slog through it.

Today, I got to the bind off.  I knew I was short yarn from the outset so took out one 32 row repeat of the basketweave pattern and the last blossom chart, but randomly added rows to the blossom charts just to stretch stuff out.  It all looked good.  But then it went very wrong

I live Tweeted the bind off (shown here in reverse order, jump down to the bottom.  All photos are included below too)

Picture 3

Picture 2

Ya, I ran out of yarn during the bind off.  Holy crap!

Luckily I was saved by my lovely stash of KSH.  A bit of Blushes to finish it off and the scarf is ready for blocking--I swear now I can't see the difference on the bind off.  It's like this shade is part of the varigation for the Vino Spray.

Picture 4
And even though I felt like this when it was all done:

Picture 5
I think I'm going to keep the scarf for myself.  It was a tough slog to knit and no one will appreciate it like I do.  And it's KSH warm and cozy. 



Wooohoooooooooo!!! Well done, Ms. Doctor. :)


I hear you. I attempted this scarf about four times and got frustrated with the basketweave lace every time. I have no fear of charts, but this scarf kicked my butt. My conclusion was it did not want to be made. Congratulations on your ninja-like save of the bindoff crisis :)

I have yarn to make this sitting in the stash (and I bought the pattern a couple of years ago). Was it simply a matter of the pattern not gelling or something more nefarious? I want to clean out my WIPs/UFOs and queue this year a bit, so I need to decide if I'm still going to make this. (Yours is lovely.)

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