4 Sleeves DONE! Now Finishing-frenzy kicks in
Since I last blogged...

Abundantly Amused


I really love it. I finished it Wednesday night, but wasn't happy with the bind off on the collar--it's a 2x2 with reversible cables and it was a bit wobbly. So Thursday I undid the BO row and worked it the BO on the WS as follows: k1, k2tog, p2, k2tog p2... And it was much better.

The yarn I used was Briar Rose Abundance that I picked up a few Rhinebecks ago. It's marked as a worsted but was really nice at 4sts to the inch--I would call if more of a chunky. Once washed, it's lofty and pretty soft.

The Amused pattern is without fault. Very nicely written. I chose to used a tubular sewn bindoff for the hem and cuffs to keep things stretchy.

Amused hem and cuffs

It took a ton of time but the results were worth it.


Love it! It fits beautifully and the collar is perfect.

That sweater is adorable! Seeing it on I really love the fit & shape. It's possible I want one of my own, now.


It looks fantastic

You look gorgeous :)

I love it too - great job.


That sweater is beautifully knit and looks wonderful on you! I am always afraid to knit a garment for me - not sure it will look right on me.
You have chosen a great sweater shape/style for you and it looks perfect! It's always inspiring to see - thank yoU!

I love it! You look great in your new sweater. Nice work.

Very awesome. I love the fit on you.

I love it! The colours are so rich! The collar is really beautiful. (And it was great to see glimpses of snow)

That is really awesome sweater. Perfect for your jeans. I'm looking forward to wearing that sweater.

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