Week Two: Now the Fun Begins
2 hands, 2 weeks, 4 sleeves

I'm knitting other stuff too!

The Ella coat is cooking along nicely, but when I'm not knitting that garment (especially once I'm done my weekly assignment) I'm working on some other very nice things too.

I just finished a baby sweater for a co-worker due any time now.  It's a great, easy little pattern found here.  I used Dream in Colour Classy in Good Luck Jade.  It's for a boy and I loved the slightly camo-look of the yarn.  

I should have put something beside the sweater for scale--it's a newborn to two month size.  So CUTE!  I can't wait to see the baby in it.

I'm also working on another sweater for me (though Emma is greedily eyeing it).  It's Amused from Knitty and it was a lovely fit with some Briar Rose Abundance I've had in the stash from a few Rhinebecks ago. While this isn't the best photo (hard to photography myself and this yarn is tricky to capture), it does show that I'm making progress.

image from www.flickr.com

Since I took this photo, I got to the bottom ribbing portion.  Only 3 more inches to go on the body and then to the sleeves.  The 4 sts to the inch gauge is nice and speedy.  I like the design a lot--sort of like a done up cardigan.  I'm also considering some modifications to the collar including some buttons so I can seal myself up against the cold if need be.  I'll see if that's possible.

While I would like to knit all of the things all of the time, I can't do that...but at least I'm makind a dent and having fun doing it.


Wow. You are getting a ton of knitting done. I'm plugging away at 3 separate projects, but don't really have a lot to show for it right now.

What a lovely sweater for you. I love the pattern and you are making great progress.

I have big plans myself but not enough hours in the day to knit and do all the other stuff that need to do. That is the sign of a healthy hobby.

I love all the projects you have going on! It is fun to see that I imagine are little glimpses of your fun personality in the variety of the projects!

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