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Holy concert night! (shameless kid bragging)

Last night was Music night at Emma's middle school and as dutiful parents we went to see hersing in the choir.  I confess that I'm not as involved in the life of the middle school and I had no idea how much talent there is in the place.


The choir was quite something (if you're interested, here's a couple of short snippets.  Emma is right in the middle--I'm not one of those parents who goes right to the front).


The concert featured a whole bunch of other fantastic performances--strings, band, solos (including Emma's new French teacher playing the theme from Star Wars on the bagpipes), a parent/teacher rock band featuring Emma's homeroom teacher (who sang professionally before teaching), a group playing the baritone ukulele and singing Sweet Child of Mine (that I totally should have filmed), and a student rock band belting out songs from The Guess Who and Rolling in the Deep.  
It was actually a really enjoyable evening.  Especially after all those years of sitting through some pretty horrid concerts at the school and daycare.  The kids are always cute, but now they are choosing to participate and the teachers are really invested in making nice music.
We also got a preview of the production of High School Musical they're doing in May (Emma is in the chorus).  I'll have more bragging to do then!



That's a fantastic choir! I'm glad you got to enjoy the evening after paying your dues all those years. =) I'm also incredibly jealous that your school has a music program. The district I live in (in Oregon) has cut all music and art programs from schools, so the only schools that have them are the ones that are able to fund through endowments and other private sources.

Yeah for being a mom who delights in her kids! It isn't bragging! Its telling it like it is! The choir is actually great! Thanks for sharing.

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