Let's Add It Up, Shall We?

I survived the ruffle!

It took 5 days (I did eat, sleep, run, play, drink beer, work, parent and do other stuff, but still) and it was a real slog, but my Ella coat now has a pretty ruffly hem.


Actually it's had a hem since Sunday and as of Tuesday night, it has a fancy-dancy button band.

I am running low on the main colour of yarn so I knew I wouldn't be doing the full-ruffle Ella (and seriously, I am DONE with picot ruffle bind offs).  I pondered my options and went for the tailored and slightly girlie look of a fold over hemmed button band with a picot turning row.

Ella edge

Pretty eh?

And because I'm worried about yardage (and because this is a fancy-dancy coat) I did a nifty stipey bit on the inside hem.

Ella edge inside

It is perfect for the coat.

Then I got a bit stuck.  What the heck will I use for closures.

I want the coat to stay closed and right now am leaning towards buttons.  I love the stability of the hemmed edge so will do a folded, picot hemmed buttonhole band.

What's stopping me is buttons.  I need some.  They need to be *perfect*.  But I don't want to go making buttonholes until I know what they'll be buttoning.

The hunt is on.  I want them to be the same colour as the band (cranberry-ish) and subtle--not blingy.  

Suggestions are welcome.


What about snaps? I think that the focus should be on the picot edging. Buttons might take the focus away from it.

Yay--you made it! I am very impressed.

That jacket is GREAT! Would a belt work for closure?

Your jacket is wonderful. It looks amazing.

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