Skirting Ella
I survived the ruffle!

Let's Add It Up, Shall We?

Let's say my Ella coat has about 250 sts at the hem.

And for the ruffle, I kfb into each stitch, thereby doubling the stitch count to 500 stitches.

Then, after a purl row, I kfb, k1, repeating to the end and thereby add another 250 stitches.

That means I have to bind off 750 stitches.

Okay. I've done that before maybe once.  I think.

Now, as I consult my pattern, I note that I decided to do a picot ruffle.

This means I CAST ON 2 stitches, then bind off 3.

If I get this right (and I'm horribly sure I do), I'm adding another 2x700 stitches to the bind off.

1400 stitches.  Added to 700.

That's 2100 stitches.

Excuse me while I get some smelling salts and a warm cloth, I think I will need them.

I'm voluntarily binding off 2100 stitches?

That's going to take a while.


And I'm already almost a week behind.

Hold on...I still have to do (or perhaps re-evaluate doing) ruffled plackets. Plackets that will likely have more than 250 stitches.



There are times when it's better not to do the math... ;)

It looks pretty and the stitches are nice and even. The colors are great.

It looks great but that does sound daunting.

Grab a crochet hook to bind off. It gives you more control and isn't so slow.

Wow...that is a lot of stitches. But you've knitted so many for the body so far--you can do it!

Just do it in front of the t.v. and don't think about it. Before you know it, you will be done!!

So, how long did it actually end up taking you to do the bind off?

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