Stepping Out in my New Ella!

Ella: The making of the buttonhole band

Full disclosure: Ella is done.  She's lovely and I haven't had time for a proper wash, block and photoshoot.  So we'll play blog catch up instead and discuss the buttonhole bands.

On the weekend I found buttons and got to work on the buttonhole band.

I worked the band the same as the other side until the mid-point row and then worked 1-row buttonholes to match my marked spots on the buttonband.  Then I worked to the picot fold edge and then to the middle of the hem side of the facing.  I worked buttonholes again in pretty much the same spot. 


Learn from me now: keep NOTES on the spacing of your buttonholes, ie the number of stitches between them so you can make absolutely sure they're in the same place.  It will make your life easier.  

Then I finished the facing.  First thing I did was line up the two layers of buttonholes.

Learn from me again: keep NOTES on your button band so you know exactly how many rows to the picot turn and to the end.  Don't try count after the fact. It does not always work. 

Buttonhole band

It took a bit of fudging (see Learn from me notes, above).  I then sewed around both layers to make them one hole.  

(It's invisible on the outside, this photos shows the sewing better)


Then I sewed the bind off edge to the sweater.

The edge seemed too long, but I ignored it.  That shit blocks out, the sewing won't show.

Woot, ends are woven in! Sweater is done!  Try it on and...

That shit doesn't block out (see Learn from me again notes, above).

Undo sewing of facing.  Rip out bind off row.  Rip out one row.  Bind off again. Carefully sew down facing.  Keep checking to see that it looks find (see That shit doesn't block out, above).

Try it on.  Be happy. Sew on buttons.

Ella peek

Go to bed.  No photoshoots in pyjamas.



well, on the bright side, it's done and you have passed on valuable lessons to the knitting world.........

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