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Nature Run

I try to run 3 to 4 times a week and most weeks I succeed.  I'm a bit boring in that I have about 10 routes I follow depending on the distance, weather, time of day (no Don Valley trail at night for example) and if I feel like hills or not.  Right now I'm pretty sick of them all and need to scope out some new spots to go that don't involve me getting in my car to get there.  I have considered hopping on the subway, going to a suitable distance away and then running home, but even that seems like a lot of work to change up the scenery.

Last weekend I was away in Tweed and really did get to mix things up.  The cottage is situated along part of the Trans Canada Trail and I get the luxury of running in quiet surroundings, on gravel (nice on the legs) with new, pretty and interesting things to look at.

The view 2km in, as I cross through Tweed to re-connect with the trail.  It's a palette factory.  They seem to be busy.


On my run

If I go the opposite direction towards I'm not sure where (but sorta north) about 4km, I see very few people (the odd walkers and ATV types) and there's this nice bridge:

On my run

While natural settings are nice, there aren't a lot of markers of my progress.  This bridge gets me almost to my turn-around point on a 10km run and that's a good thing.

On this run I stopped and had a look.  There's quite a beaver dam near this bridge (didn't see the beaver though).

Beaver dam

Closest to home is the prettiest view.  It's great right now because there are no leaves on the trees and Lake Stocco isn't full of weeds yet.  

More run

It also means I'm less than a kilometer from finishing.  That's always a nice thing.


There is nothing wrong with repetitive routes. I miss my old running routes, but they all are at least 4 miles away from my house. My newer (over 2 years) neighborhood is very hilly so there are not many routes I can take that don't involve doing at least a bit of hill work.

În timp ce setările naturale sunt frumos, nu există o mulţime de markeri de progresul meu. Acest pod-mi ajunge aproape la rândul meu, în jurul valorii de punct pe un termen 10 km si asta e un lucru bun..

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