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That young man is a keeper! Very clever, to ensure a future for the sweater when the weed outgrows it.

Love it! And the taste of the young man who requested it!

Now that's forward thinking, making the "will fit me" size. I remember doing that when buying my daughter's roller blades.

It's a wonderful sweater. You will both get a lot of use out of it. At 11 he's selecting Starmore? Clearly a well educated young man. Teach him to knit for himself.

Great color choice!

That looks like an awesome sweater. Congrats on the speedy finish.

Handmade sweater = love

I just love that he wanted you to make him a sweater. (But am REALLY loving that you'll get a hand-me-down from your 11 yo!)

Yeah, I think you should keep that kid. ;)

I would also like to state for the record that I am only 5'0" tall. You know, next time you have the urge to knit someone a sweater....

OMG - that kid and that sweater are adorable! LOVE IT!

That's brilliant! I'm so glad he loves it and that you'll be able to use it once he outgrows it!

I love it! I think it is great that you will be able to wear it once he outgrows it. I am so behind on my hubby sweaters and now I have a new little man in my life to knit for. With a newborn in the house I am not getting much knitting done.

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