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Stepping Out in my New Ella!

I put on my fancy, superhero Fluevogs just for the occasion:

Ella Reinvented

Ella, is DONE!

Ella Reinvented

Sometimes it was a long slog of picot, ruffled, bind off madness, but most of the time it was a solidly enjoyable knit.

Ella Reinvented

Nora runs a fine knit-along.  Having weekly assignments is a great idea (I work well with deadlines).  It kept me on track and it forced me to really look at my knitting, the fit of the garment and to think about what I wanted the final product to be. 

For someone who often just jumps in and hopes for the best (and ends up giving away a fair number of sweaters) this is a good thing.  I learned loads about knitting a coat, fit, and about myself as a knitter.


Ella Reinvented

And I look awesome in this ruffly, crazy striped coat.

A big thanks to Nora and Melissa at Noni Knits for inviting me to the KAL.  You got me back into more regular blogging too.  And while I tried hanging out in Facebook more, I still don't really like it there! 

I'm working on a little embellishment that I might or might not use on Ella.  Stay tuned.



Love the sweater and the boots!!

Congratulations! Your Ella is beautiful! And I love the addition of the whimsical yellow boots!

Love, love, love it!!!
And those Vogs!!!

The boots completely distracted me I couldn't peel my eyes off them...at first...but then when I did see your Ella...WOW!!! really WOW!!!! Great work and beautiful wearable art (but that's how you roll I think!)

You look FABulous!! What an undertaking - and well worth every minute!

It looks great. The boots are pretty fantastic too. (and what is it with Typepad thinking neither of my urls is valid. .ca and .net not in their universe?)

That coat is ten shades of awesome. You look great!

I love it!!

WOW! Like!

Steph, your Ella is many shades of awesome - wow! Ella looks fantastic as do your Fluevogs!

Awesome! Maybe I'll get back into my Ella as soon as I finish the scarf that has eaten my knitting mojo for the past 1.5 months.

Ok! That coat is beautiful!! Perfect colors for your hair/skin, etc.!! The shape looks great on you - OUTSTANDING JOB!!
LOVE the boots as well!!

WOW. So gorgeous (wait... was there knitting in any of these photos... just kidding, sort of -- LOVE YOUR BOOTS LADY). Ella is also stunning. Your commitment to these large stockinette projects always amazes me!

I love that color and Ella boots looks fantastic.

Angajamentul dumneavoastră faţă de aceste proiecte de mari dimensiuni pentru depozitare mereu mă uimeşte! Cizme sunt destul de fantastic.

I started our music careers in the 90s at Rykodisc, which at the time was a mid-sized independent record label based out of Salem.

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