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Wow Stephannie, those are all lovely. The Velorbis is gorgeous and I find the Made in Germany tag to be sort of compelling. Are any of these made in Canada?

If you need an after-market "v" kickstand, they have some at Velo Orange (http://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/accessories/chainguards-stay-protectors-kickstands.html). Super heavy, but they do the trick. (Though I guess you'd pay international shipping, so it may not be worth it.)

You know what? I think a bike-shopping visit to Chicago, New York or Boston is in order... let me know when we leave ;)

I have a Batavus Diva (sad you couldn't try one!) and I love riding it. It's got the grip shifter, which I really like, and hand brakes. When I bought it, I tried out a few with coast brakes, and every time I wanted to stop I'd flail at the handlebars, trying to find the brakes before I remembered.

These are all gorgeous bikes. I have a basic hand me down bike (like a bike from the 80s), and while I want to ride more, the bike doesn't make me want to ride more. How did you make the shift to being a bike commuter? Is your commute long (it is about 16 km for me to get to work along the straightest, more dangerous route)?

These are really good looking bikes. IOt reminds me of those ancient bikes I have seen before though these are much better. I'll keep visiting for more of your posts.

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