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I love that splashback. Irregular is good. And well done on acting disappointed. :)

Beautiful!!! And so worth the wait! I am still giggling about you acting disappointed, but so happy for you that they bought it!

Your backsplash is wonderful. My kitchen needs work, but I'm not sure that I'm ready to entertain doing that work much less actually doing it. Besides, our upstairs bathroom needs help first.

I should also read your backlog to remember how you did your stairs.

Loving reading about this and seeing all the photos. A word to the wise re: self-cleaning ovens. I know two people who burned out the electrics of their ranges after putting it on the self-cleaning setting. Both were brand new ranges too. Please double check that your new range doesn't have this defect before you try this wonderful "feature." :)

Whatever you invested in the kitchen, you can be assured you will get more when you sell your house. We renovated our kitchen 18 months before we sold, and even though it was a small kitchen, it was (very) expensive. But we were amazed by the difference it made at selling time. In the meantime, enjoy your wonderful new kitchen -- there is nothing like spending years in a so-so kitchen to really appreciate it when it all done new and to your liking!

Beautiful-- it must feel like such luxury!

I'm so excited for you! And I can't believe you did a full-on kitchen reno in three weeks. Stunning.

That backsplash is gorgeous

I painted this old cupboard white using Porters milk paint but decided it was rather boring all white so I painted the door recesses a rather nice chocolate (yes its Cadburys brown!)

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