Almost a Kitchen
All the Shades of Crazy

We're cooking in the kitchen (but it's not done yet)

As of Friday afternoon we were able to cook in our kitchen.  Except there are no doors on our cupboards and we aren't allowed to unpack and move back in until that part is done.

Here's a recap of those days...

Day 17:

More of the molding went up on the cabinets.  I especially like how the pantry looks now.

Day 17: Pantry

The paint was also done on the trim. It's the same colour as what we have in the rest of the main floor. It's Benjamin Moore Natural Linen. And no, it's not white, it's beige. It's also the colour of the ceiling in our living/dining room and we love it. We don't have a white ceiling in our entire house.

Day 17: Door trim

The ceiling was also painted in the kitchen. It looks white but is actually very light blue/grey. It's the lightest colour on the card from which we chose our wall paint. Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring for those playing along at home.

Day 18:

Today the kitchen gets colour and it is good.

The walls are Benjamin Moore Colorado Gray. My smart friends told me to choose a colour that would make me happy in the morning and this absolutely does. We have similar coloured chest of drawers in our entrance way to tie in the kitchen to the rest of the open-concept house. And blue is bright and cheery and works really well with the maple cabinetry.

Day 18 was also first major glitch day.  

I got a call at work from my contractor.  It seems the granite people ordered the wrong counter and it was cut and laying on our cabinets.

I came home expecting it to be awful.  I was worried they would bully me into something I didn't want.  I also worried a replacement would take long weeks where I would be without my kitchen.

Not what we ordered

It wasn't so bad.  In fact, I liked it better than the one we picked.  This wasn't in the samples we were given.  It's a dark brown with lighter brown stuff in it.  It goes better with my backsplash tiles.  

I still acted disappointed and we got a good discount.  Here it is with the sink:

Day 18 sink

After that drama, Kenny finished the paint and started on the backsplash.


Day 18: Blue!

It's better with a close up:


























Or with paint for the whole look

Day 18

That was the day I started to really see it coming together. 

The tiles are 1"x6" slate and they are irregular.  They aren't the same thickness and stuff so you have to be okay with random.  They're just rock so they're not scared of a bit of scrubbing to keep them clean. They've been sealed and I believe Kenny is going to put some other kind of finish on them to bring out the colours.  I love them.  

Day 19:

I'm sure little things get done that I don't see.  Molding goes up, kick boards are installed, stuff is caulked and sealed and joins are glued.  That stuff is important and makes the room look finished.  I'm glad it's being done and I can tell when it isn't done...but me, I'm seeing the big stuff.

Tiles were grouted and they went from fantastic to FREAKIN' FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

Grouted tiles

The under cabinet lighting was installed and all the plug ins and stuff were put in.

Day 19 Tiles are grouted

The fridge was moved back into the kitchen (this is shot on the morning of day 20--see how the colour makes you happy?)

Day 19 Fridge is back in the kitchen




















Day 20

Today is not a work day for my contractor. He is waiting on the cabinet doors and it's the Friday before a long weekend. He wants them to be right and doesn't want anyone to rush. I'm good with this and they will be installed on Tuesday. My stove is delivered and Kenny hooks it up. It's an LG gas convection, self cleaning oven. I have never had a self-cleaning oven and I'm super excited about the fact that it won't get all disgusting.

Day 20 My stove

Swanky eh? We didn't choose it because it has bright blue enamel inside, but we love that fact all the same.

In fact, our choices were guided by the July 2012 issue of Consumers Reports which was all about kitchen renovations. We brought it with us appliance shopping and used it to cut through the clutter of too many choices. It was super helpful. I don't know if it's a guarantee of reliability, but it's a good start and really there are too many choices out there!

Now we're using the kitchen and it is amazing. We can all be in there at once working and not bump into each other. I can wash dishes and not get soaked. I don't have to roll the dishwasher to the tap. I'm already planning all the yummy things I can cook.

Sometimes I look at it and feel like it's someone else's house.  It's hard to believe we own something so lovely.

It was a big expense and we'll be paying it down for a while. But it's worth it. I have a big stash to knit up and our kids will only be home for a few more years. It's our prime cooking years and we're going to do it in style. Next post will be the big reveal!


I love that splashback. Irregular is good. And well done on acting disappointed. :)

Beautiful!!! And so worth the wait! I am still giggling about you acting disappointed, but so happy for you that they bought it!

Your backsplash is wonderful. My kitchen needs work, but I'm not sure that I'm ready to entertain doing that work much less actually doing it. Besides, our upstairs bathroom needs help first.

I should also read your backlog to remember how you did your stairs.

Loving reading about this and seeing all the photos. A word to the wise re: self-cleaning ovens. I know two people who burned out the electrics of their ranges after putting it on the self-cleaning setting. Both were brand new ranges too. Please double check that your new range doesn't have this defect before you try this wonderful "feature." :)

Whatever you invested in the kitchen, you can be assured you will get more when you sell your house. We renovated our kitchen 18 months before we sold, and even though it was a small kitchen, it was (very) expensive. But we were amazed by the difference it made at selling time. In the meantime, enjoy your wonderful new kitchen -- there is nothing like spending years in a so-so kitchen to really appreciate it when it all done new and to your liking!

Beautiful-- it must feel like such luxury!

I'm so excited for you! And I can't believe you did a full-on kitchen reno in three weeks. Stunning.

That backsplash is gorgeous

I painted this old cupboard white using Porters milk paint but decided it was rather boring all white so I painted the door recesses a rather nice chocolate (yes its Cadburys brown!)

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