While I was away
You'd think I'd learn

Fall is Coming

I've been a one project girl for the last 2 weeks.  I like when I get taken in by a project and just want to knit it all the time.  Must be because Fall is coming.

The sweater is Ahni from the latest Twist Collective.  It's chugging along very nicely--I finished the back last week and am at the armholes of the front after a weekend of watching Xander play soccer (second place in the tournament AND second in the league!).  

The yarn is Indigodragonfly MCS worsted in Unemployed in Greenland.  It's super nice to knit with--that silky shine, cashmere, a tight twist to show off the stitch pattern.  The pattern is easy to follow and I think the colour is glorious.

Here's the colour at it's truest (all the indoor photos don't do it justice)


And, I'll be finished in time for Rhinebeck.  Whee!


The sweater is looking lovely. I really love the Indigo Dragonfly yarns. I'll have to find space in my (every increasingly tight) budget for some more of her yarns.

Gorgeous! I love the yarn and the stitch pattern. I'm excited to see it completed.

I love your new sweater! The color is pretty and the stitch pattern really shows off the yarn. I may try to knit myself a sweater this November - if I can get another project or two off the needles first.

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