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Rhinebeck (sigh)

Which was more challenging?

What a weekend!  Two big things happened:

1. I finished Breakwater (Rhinebeck sweater number 2)

2. I finished my first Half Marathon

Which was more challenging?

The sweater.  It was a total slog.  I realized a few things about what I like to knit when making a sweater getting through this one.  

I have no problem with endless stockinette but I hate top down sweaters.  The endless rounds with no end in sight, the flipping around of the sleeves and the dpns, the monotony just about killed me.

This is no slight on the pattern which is simple and straightforward; it's about my knitting style and it's good to know what that is.  


The yarn is Indigodragonfly MCN sock in The World is Doomed! (Giles) and I love it.  The colour is a pleasant neutral and while it seemed loose and wobbly in the sweater while I was knitting it, after a wash and a dance in the dryer it came out full and soft and fantastic.


This is a knitted sweatshirt and it's great.

I skipped the waist shaping because it doesn't work on my body but should have tapered in the body a bit after I divided for the sleeves.  I needed the 38" size for the shoulders and bust, but not the rest of me.  I know better for later (note to self: remember and listen to myself when this arises!)

Now for the Half Marathon.

It was awesome. I had so much fun.  Even two days later, I'm still riding on the crest of accomplishment (and perhaps endorphins--I still hurt).

The day didn't start out promising because it was raining.  Hard.  I hate running in the rain.  

At least the temperature was a warmish 14C so I put on my big girl pants and my running hat and made myself a garbage bag rain cape and fretted about a wet race on our short drive over to City Hall for the start.

I also had on the most awesome armwarmers.  That helped my mood.

Arm warmers











After a wet and long wait for the porta-toilet (a pre-race must), I got myself over to my starting coral and the rain stopped.  Perfect timing.  I started to feel the good anxious instead of the impending doom anxious.

I decided the day before that I would run with the 2hr 15minute pace bunny since I knew I could run the race in that time and thought the pacer would keep me on target.  

We started and it was all good.  Except I was having trouble keeping to the pace.  It was too slow.  

I stuck with him for 6km and then noticed I was creeping up on my pace and just went with it.  I chatted with a really nice seasoned runner during this time. He was in his 60s and this 1/2 was a warmup to his full marathon this weekend in Amsterdam!  He told me I looked comfortable and could up my pace and was really encouraging.  

So I did.  And I got faster.  We met a few times more and he said something really interesting: "I bet right now you're thinking, I wonder how much further I could run?"

And he was right.  I had such a good time and felt so good, I am thinking that. It's crazy.

Here are my splits (according to my Garmin, so they won't be perfect) and I ran the last 5km fast.  

Half marathon splits




















My brother who came to see me at 8km and 17km said I looked good and like I could have ran faster (he's very sporty so I welcome his advice).  

I had a great race finishing in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds and I'm happy with that, but also think I could have started faster and maintained a faster pace throughout.  

21.1km in 2:11:30. Go me.

(I was totally hurting once I stopped running.  But man that post-race burger tasted good!)

It wouldn't take off a lot of minutes, but probably a few and I realize that while I want to let go of time goals, I am motivated by them and I need to work with that.

I guess I'll find out on my next one.


Congratulations on such a great time!! Isn't it nice to know you had more in the tank, even if you didn't draw on it? Have you signed up for your next one - I find I have to do it right away, sometimes the same day as the race just completed, to keep the momentum going...
Way to go!!

Congrats! On the marathon, on two good-looking new sweaters - thanks for pointing me to these patterns.

That is a pretty good time. I am looking forward to getting into running again. I am hoping that my next half will be at about this time, but I've always been pretty bad with keeping up my training.

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