Awesome Ahni
Which was more challenging?

Wish me luck, or something

I'm running in the Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon tomorrow morning.

It seemed like such a good idea when I entered in April. 

Now I'm freaking out.

Holy crap a half marathon is 21.1km.

I've kept up a reasonable running program, but nothing like those weekly emails I've been sent with a sample training plan.  I'm not getting in the distance recommended for a 2:30 walk/run finishing time.  I'm not sure what that means except I know I will be faster than 2:30.

But I've done the long runs (longest was 18km) and I feel good so it'll be okay.

Except for the stupid rainy forecast.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Good luck Steph!

Lots of luck! I have no idea how humans manage to do these incredibly long distances, but apparently, they do. Hope the weather turns out great for you!

You can totally do this.


I hope it went well for you. I've almost always managed to be less than 2.5 hours despite horrible training on my part. It is amazing what the body can do when you let it!

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