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I Love Garter Stitch


I treated myself to a new project bag.

Meet Ethel.  
















She's a robot with a sparkly gold dress and killer glasses.  Just large enough to hold a sock-in-progress.  When I see her hanging out in my purse she makes me smile.Esther Robot Pouch

Made by Robot A Day, Ethel is a one of a kind sassy pouch.  There are so many other great robots--animals, zombies, smart-asses--they're silly fun.

See all the robots here on Etsy.  I can't go look or I'll get another one.


Squeeeeee! I love the pearls!

Thanks so much for posting the link - so many cute things! And they actually had a rat robot which is now winging its way to me. :)

OMG, that's adorable!!!

I know I shouldn't click on that link, but I did anyway. I promise to absolve you of any blame, because I'm an adult and am responsible for my actions (even if I don't want to be).

Ah! That's so charming. I love project bags with character.

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