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I love it! How gorgeous. Color me green with envy!

That is a lovely project. Very well done.


Cool! I'm not good with colors, so this would be a good strategy for me... if I take up weaving. I tell myself, "No new hobbies until retirement."

The scarf is really, really gorgeous! Weaving is another hobby I'd love to try but haven't made time for. I hope you'll continue to share your adventures with weaving; the constant reminder might help push me over the edge. :-D

Congrats Steph! It is lovely!

Love it!

Wow Steph! It is truly gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration. Makes me want to dig out my own loom and go stash diving!


Wow! This is so beautiful and it looks perfect for you.

It's a gorgeous scarf, and the warp and weft colours play super nicely together. Congratulations on trying out a new technique!

That's gorgeous! I really would like to get into weaving too.

What a beautiful piece of work. Wear it proudly

That is a really lovely scarf. I have a loom and a plan to start weaving after I've submitted my thesis. Only a few weeks to go!

Great scarf and gradient is amazing. Love the twisted fringed too.

I'm impressed! Your scarf is beautiful. I have a small loom that I plan to learn on soon. Where does all my time go?

Looks fantastic. Nicely done! Weaving and wine...

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