Epic Roadtrip Day Seven: At the beach
Epic Roadtrip Day Nine: Nova Scotia

Epic Roadtrip Day Eight: An Extra Day

I'm a planner, an order muppet, a "I need a schedule" person. One of my goals (see that order required thing) for this trip was to let go a bit. Under plan, and let the mood take us.

I'm doing pretty well. I'm writing this from Halifax and I didn't imagine the trip taking us to Nova Scotia.

The downside of not planning is missing stuff. Turns out that Anne of Green Gables, The Musical doesn't play every night. Only Monday to Wednesday. We were supposed to leave Monday, but decided to stay the extra night to see the play. We snagged a hotel in Charlottetown, checked out of the one in Summerside (Clarke's Sunny Isle Motel, which was just right) and took a leisurely drive along the south shore.

We stopped in Victoria By the Sea. It was a bit touristy, but very pretty. And it had this:

I bought a braid of locally produced BFL, dyed by a local artisan and had a nice chat with the son of the potter and fibre artist who made the lovely things in the shop.

We sampled some chocolate made right in front of us.

And we had lunch right beside a lighthouse.

There was a little exhibit inside and it had interesting photos of the local history. I really liked the spinning bee:

We also got to climb up to the top. It's not big for three.

Then there was more driving along windy coastal roads. I really loved driving on PEI and I'm not a huge fan of being the driver.

We found a lighthouse right near Charlottetown. A very pretty spot.

With an impressive coast

After a quick swim at our hotel and dinner we went to see Anne, the Musical.

It was charming. Not perfect, but as a lover of Anne of Green Gables, it was a great way to end our time on PEI. Now I want to read the books again.

Then it was time to sleep. We had to break the holiday sleep schedule and get up early; we had a ferry to catch in the morning.



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