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EPIC Roadtrip Day Two: Quebec City

Epic Roadtrip Day One

(Updated with extra photos Wednesday August 21)

Yesterday we embarked on our EPIC family roadtrip to PEI. We managed to get on the road by a little after 8am (which is an achievement when travelling with teenagers) and had an uneventful drive along the 401 and into the province of Quebec.

Then we hit Montreal. Or rather Montreal traffic hit us.

I will never complain about Toronto traffic again.

We had a few crossed signals and ended up going the wrong way. Getting turned right took us an extra 2 hours due to freakishly heavy traffic and road closures. Once we were over the St. Lawrence it was smooth sailing.

There was even some retro gas stations and hotels (this one even sold furs).

We arrived at our lovely hotel at about 7pm. I was super tired but ready to look around Old Quebec. The Hotel Manoir Victoria is lovely and right in the old city.

We were just about to wander out when we ran into my uncle Ken who is staying at the same hotel guiding a package tour (I thought he was traveling last week, so this was a surprise). He had the night off and played tour guide for us, taking us to his favourite patio dinner spot looking at the Chateau Frontenac.

It was yummy (I had the pork chip encrusted with goat cheese and maple syrup).

We then wandered through the lower city until we were dead tired. I don't really remember falling asleep. It was great.

Emma took a ton of photos with her DSLR (a few are now integrated into this post). I just haven't had time to choose a few to upload. They will come in another post soon. Really, I'm too tired to even think about it.



That meal sounds delicious.

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