Epic Roadtrip Day Five: Charlottetown
Epic Roadtrip Day Seven: At the beach

Epic Roadtrip Day Six: All About Anne

I love Anne of Green Gables. I read all the Anne books as a kid and used to read all six every summer well into my 20s. Craig has read almost everything Lucy Maude Montgomery wrote and kids are starting into the books too (slowly).

One of the reasons I wanted to come to PEI was to see the places from the novels and learn more about Montgomery's inspiration.

There is quite an Anne-based tourist trap around Cavendish which we avoided for the most part. Instead we went to the historical sites. We saw the house where the author was born (didn't go in because she only lived there for a few months and there didn't appear to be much to see). Then we toured her cousin's home where LMM was married which has the Lake of Shining Waters. That place was very well done with lots of pictures, autographed first editions which were given to her cousins as gifts, her wedding dress and lots of family history.

I love those red roads (this one to the Lake of Shining Waters)

And a quilt made by LMM

Then we drove on to Cavendish to the National Site of Green Gables. This house was lived in by Montgomery's family and was the inspiration for the novels. It has been restored to resemble the settings from the books and was really neat.

I rather liked the sewing/knitting room.


There were even Sock blockers by the stove

The park site is set up to wander some paths that inspired places in the books like the haunted wood. Sadly some of it borders on a golf course which kills a bit of the feeling inspired by the park, but only for a few minutes. That trail also led us to the foundation of the home where Montgomery lived as a child (she was raised by her grandparents after her mother died) which is still owned by a relative who lives next door. It was all good for this fan and I really got to appreciate how Montgomery was inspired by her home. When she married (at 36) she left the Island and moved to Ontario, but always called PEI home.

With places like this I can see why

I had a desire to just go see the ocean on this side of the Island after the tours. To see where Montgomery would have hung out as it were.

We went to North Rustico and it was magnificent.

The waves were huge and the sand dunes were spectacular. We worked up an appetite by jumping in the surf. So we headed off to New Glasgow for a traditional lobster supper.

I'm amazed that I ate today. Chowder, home made rolls, salads, all you could eat mussels, a 1lb lobster and pie. I confess this is the first time I've eaten a lobster in the shell. I actually don't like the experience of busting into a thing to eat it. And I still don't (though the lobster is tasty--I blame the two years I worked at Red Lobster as an undergrad). The kids had their first lobster dinners and I'm not sure they're hooked.

Craig was in heaven though; he ate everything the kids didn't finish.



This is a roadtrip after my own heart! Love the Anne books, and it's been way too long since I visited PEI! Glad you had an amazing time, and that sewing room was totally to die for :)

Ahh! Now you've convinced me--I must go to Cavendish!

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to PEI so I'm loving the pictures and adventure you are sharing!

I'm with you on the lobster dinner. It sounds like such a cool, celebratory thing to do but I'm not a big fan of digging into the critter I'm eating. I like denial sometimes.

Looks like everyone had a good time. PEI is beautiful - no question there!

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