EPIC Roadtrip Day Two: Quebec City
Epic Roadtrip Day Four: The Ocean!

Epic Roadtrip Day Three: More Driving

Canada is big. Really big. I knew this because I took geography and our status as the world's second largest country in terms of land mass was always mentioned. But one doesn't really appreciate it until you drive and drive and drive and you're not in PEI yet.

We sadly said farewell to Quebec City Wednesday morning after a yummy breakfast of bowls of cafe au lait (the kids had chocolat chaud) and delicious pastries.

Then it was back in the car and back on highway 20 heading east. We had a room waiting for us in Fredericton. The drive was quite nice. The landscape along the St. Lawrence is interesting. Then it got really pretty as we headed south toward the Quebec/New Brunswick border.

This is the last stop before the border. We took a last look at Quebec.

It was pretty. Also reminded me a bit of Northern Ontario.


Then more driving. I did like that posted 110km speed limit. We made to Fredericton just after dinner. We had a swim in the pool and headed out for an evening snack and to get a look at the place.

It's tiny. And there wasn't much happening at 9:30pm on a Wednesday.

So we had a pint and some munches at the Snooty Fox, took a look at the legislature building (two capitals in two days!) and turned in early.

The plan: haul ass to PEI on Thursday.



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