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I think this is a cute sweater but I personally would like it on myself if it laid better over the boobs so pulling it in with a garter collar might help that. I think overall it's a really pretty sweater and the fit is good.

I am planning to frog and re knit mine into a different pattern because I don't have extra yarn. I stupidly used the leftovers for something else and I am now stuck with a sweater that looks gorgeous as long as it is not on a person.

Well, since you found you don't have yarn, and you're already going to frog and re-knit, I'll just leave this here anyway.

What about using a contrast color in the garter stitch part, undo until 2 ribs remain, and use your main color as 2-4 rows here and there to tie it all back together? A black might look like you meant to do that, especially if you add it to the cuffs as well.

It looks a little big, so IMO wondering if you do some crochet chains alng the neck and collar (where it meets the body) to tighten and stabilize things.

I think I would do a collar in St. Stitch, and edge it with garter stitch a few rows. That would give a soft collar against your neck and shoulders. This would also match the arms stitching, and the garter stitch rows would give a nice finish. A plain st. stitch collar would also be a great finish. :)
Love your blog and your work!

Hmmm.... Since you have extra yarn, I wonder if you could build up the collar- maybe do some short rows between the shoulders, to help pull it together. It's very pretty. Hopefully, you are able to find a way to salvage all your hard work!

I saw a pattern a while back that had a panel inserted in the centre with tiny buttons attaching it on both sides. yes, the pattern was written that way. it looks really good. you could do something similar using the same cable pattern running down the center

I was thinking that you could do a much wider garter st band, and short row it to make a shawl collar. It might almost meet and would sit better.

I've been looking at this pattern for a long time. I'm excited to see how you modify it!

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