Epic Roadtrip Day Fourteen: Home
Can this sweater be saved?

Super-Secret-Spy-Sweater is Stupendous!

Remember how I told you my Honeybee cardigan went on a secret mission?  Well I got it back after my Epic Roadtrip and finally got around to putting the buttons on and taking some pictures.

Today I'm wearing it for the first time and I LOVE it.


Perfect fit.


Beautiful yarn (Madeline Tosh Merino Lite in Byzantine).


Excellent pattern (Honeybee by Laura Chau).  

As usual, Laura's pattern was perfectly written and easy to follow.  The honeybee stitch pattern was surprisingly easy to memorize and I just zipped through the knitting.

Except for the sleeves.  I hate knitting sleeves in the round.  Next time I run into that construction, I'll seam them.  

I did modify the pattern after this lovely version.  I like the longer sleeves--though I made mine a bit too long (I like bracelet length).

As for the secret mission?  Well that's Kate's story to tell.  Keep an eye on her website...

Actually, go visit it now.  Kate does amazing work and is a fabulous teacher.  You'll learn something from her blog or classes--I promise.


It looks great Steph! Very flattering!

That looks fantastic on you! It's very pretty. Nice job!

Bravo! A gorgeous colour.

You really do make the most beautiful things! I love this one! Hurrah for YOU!

That byzantine colour is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous cardigan. I vote for lazy garter too :)
~ Tracey

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