Top-Secret Mission REVEALED


It's been a tense week in Rhinebeck-sweater-knitting-land.  

The knitting is going just fine.  The body of the sweater is knit.  The underarms are grafted.  One zig zag front is knit up (ish) and blocked.  The other is coming along nicely.

But my yarn supply seems a tad light.  It's my fault as I did modify things a wee bit and since I always seem to have huge amounts left over, I have a false sense of security with yarn amounts.

You know things aren't going well when you start doing this

(I never use this scale for calculating nutrients in food--it was a gift and excellent for weighing yarn).

And then you get out the calculator and start following Kate's math to calculate the weight of yarn used for each stitch.

Except I can't do the math on how much I've knit already because it's a lot of shapes and the yarn was custom dyed so I don't have the original weight, just the yardage.  

So I weigh the yarn and knit 6 rows.  That uses a gram of yarn for 318 sts.  

Then I start adding up how many stitches I need to knit.  It looks good.  Really close, but I should be fine.


And to ease the growing anxiety I just start knitting faster.  Except that speed doesn't increase mass. (Do I have that right?, I didn't take physics so I can't say for sure).  

Turns out, constantly weighing the yarn doesn't help either.

Last night, I start thinking about where I can use the contrast colour instead (like the back of the collar that I will never see).  

This morning, I get excited because I remember I have a swatch (which means more yarn).

The good news is that I have enough yarn to make a sweater, albeit one that might not have the final edge band along the collar.  Or it might have a skinnier band.  

I can live with that.  

I suspect I will run out right in the middle of binding off the 275 sts for the band.

Because of this:


I totally deserve it too.  At least Steph can get more yarn.  

Now the question is have I learned my lesson about a) buying enough yarn and b) not being a smartass to other knitters?


Ooh, sounds tense indeed. If I can, I like to buy a couple hundreds extra in yardage, so that I don't worry, and then later I can make a hat or cowl outofe the yarn for someone. It doesn't feel wasteful then, because the extra yarn to was an intended use. Sometimes you buy what's available and pray a lot.

Falling down laughing over here. Almost makes me want to be a twit, er, whatevs. you get the idea...

Knit a pair of fingerless mitts/gloves and didn't like how they didn't match, I too was knitting with the scale trying to determine how many more fingerless I could get out of the remaining yarn!

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