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Been reading your blog since, oh, maybe 2004? I'm still here and still loving your posts be they infrequent or not.
Your in the rush hour of life with your work and the age of your kids, etc. Not to worry. Most of us will still be here when you've the energy and time. Hugs to you, Steph.

oops. that was "you're". ack.

agree with caroline

The February slump has hit me hard this year too. I'm glad to see you had a bright and active weekend away to (hopefully) recharge.

Hang in there! We like to see what you knit :)

I read your blog.

Please don't stop writing--I've been reading your blog for longer than I can remember, and I love it when I check in and see a new post.

i read your blog! don't quit, don't quit!

Add me to your loyal readers...I'm with you on the "unmotivated because it's winter" but please don't give up on your blog nor on Twitter.
I love both-my 'teens' are now enduring teenagers of their own & I love to read how your kids are doing, their homework & their struggles. Plus as a non-Torontonian-I value your opinion on your Rob Ford-glad he is your mayor & not Mine!

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